Ebates is the REBATE hub for those items that typically don't have coupons(but they have the deals!) Not only will Ebates give you a rebate on items you were already going to purchase, but it will tell you all current coupons for that specific retailer.   To help you see the big Payoff here's a favorite retailer of my mine and what my account looks like to show it is the real deal. 

Slide 1-This shows you how much has been collected and keeps a running total to be deposit to your PayPal/or a BIG FAT check to your address.  Your choice. 

Slide 2- That is how much I have gotten back from Ebates just for using the site(And it's Free). They will give you $10 in your payout once you make a $25 qualifying purchase.  So the site is Free.99 and they are going to give you money on your first purchase in essence. 

Slide 3-is the description of the current sale for JCPenny's. 

Slide 4- Show how much of a Rebate you will get back on your subtotal back to your payout. And note today is a great day they are offering 10% cash back from the usual 1%. 

Slide 5-This is an example of a Christmas purchase I made I used a 30% off coupon on the order and got 13% back into my payout to be given to me in my PayPal on 2/15. 

Slide 6-Shows if you click show code the activate code for the deal will show and you can use that on your purchase, in addition, to get more money back. Money on top of money.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back