Tax Preparation

Financial Fancy LLC provides tax preparation for individuals and small businesses filing Schedule A, B, C, and E.  With years of experience, Financial Fancy will advise you on potential tax credits and liabilities to ensure all expenses and itemizations are accounted for to maximize your return. All official tax documents and forms will be completed and submitted in accordance with current Internal Revenue Service policies and procedures in a timely manner.

One on One Financial Coaching

Have you ever said....I'm going to start saving. So you put $100 in your savings account then life happens(car breaks down, kids need field trip money) and that $100 is out the window before it can even make interest. Saving money is so much more than depositing it in a saving account. In this session, we can go over how to save, assess your budget, and creating a reality plan to save

If you are single, newly married, planning retirement, just graduated, about to start college, it is important to know YOUR money. Money is a tool to navigate your life-not a burden to dictate your successes.



If you haven't seen, Financial Fancy does tutorials on Snapchat and Instagram to show you how I save my hard earn coins and keep more in my pocket. If you find yourself wanted to learn more about couponing and would like a one on one session(that will pay you back in one session) then this is the class for you. I will bring $50 worth of coupons and I will go with you shopping and show you all my tips and tricks.