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Hello, my name is Charese Chambers & I am a bookkeeper and financial literacy coach. With experience in the small business & non-profit community, I am uniquely positioned to help manage finances for individuals and organizations in a professional manner for a fraction of the cost.

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I remember budgeting for the month one day and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 
Charese you have 10 credit cards- girl why? 

I had no good answer but that I called myself "establishing my credit".  In reality, those credit cards were "establishing me" .  It was then I decide to do my first but not last consolidation.  Even I fell into this trap as a finances major. I understood the math but no one ever took the time to equip me to manage money as an adult. In case you were wondering, money management is not something you just know how to do by default. 

Raised in Hampton, VA like most young adults I was eager to start "adulting" get out on my own-have my own car, my own apartment, my own bathroom(I have six sisters).  Then I realized I had no credit-so I opened my first credit card with no experience. 

APR rate??? Late fee??? Line of credit???  What does that all that mean? 

So as I navigated through my late teens, 20s, and now 30's, my financial life has drastically changed. I have purchased a home, got married (and did not go into debt), paid some debt down and even got a check back from Sally Mae for overpaying my student loans(go figure). 

The turning point in my life was going beyond the monetary value of money and seeing it for what it truly is, a tool to help me live my best life. 

Financial Literacy is so important in navigating life.  I want to teach you all the things I wish I knew growing up. Financial tips, tricks to keep you from all the possible pitfalls and perhaps increase your credit score all at the same time. I have the keys to help you unlock your financial possibilities. All you need to do is give me a call :)